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New Play Focuses on ADD

In her latest play, "Distracted," playwright Lisa Loomer takes a humorous and realistic look into the world of attention deficit disorder. Discovering that her son has ADD sends the main character, Mama, on a search to understand the disorder.
"Loomer carefully presents various sides of the issue, complicated by the over-stimulated, plugged-in, totally wired world of today, where nothing lasts more than a minute or else is reduced to a sound bite."
The story-telling is enhanced by video images that constantly flicker across multiple screens on the stage, resulting in a unique look at an issue with which many parents and kids struggle. Source: The Associated Press

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Simulation Helps Parents Better Understand ADHD

In an effort to help parents, teachers, and other professionals better understand what it's like to live with ADHD, the Stowell Learning Center in Diamond Bar, Calif., will offer a two-hour simulation experience.
"Developed by Drs. Joe and Carol Utay from Pittsburg, the simulation will place participants in a classroom setting and it will have them focus through a series of distractions. Throughout the simulation, participants can ask questions and discuss their experience."
One participant called the experience "very valuable," saying it helped her realize how difficult it would be to live with ADHD every day. Though a reservation is required, the experience is free. Read more at www.pr.com.

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