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Buying Gifts for ADHD Children

When a child has ADHD, buying the right holiday gift can pose a unique challenge. Though certain kinds of toys or games may be popular, they may not be right for a child with ADHD.
"Before you set out to buy a gift, look at the child's interests. Many children with ADHD are talented in art or music. They may be creative or have interests that are not traditional. For example, many young boys enjoy cars and trucks. However, this may not be the right gift for the child you are shopping for. Rather than selecting a generic gift, find something that will motivate and inspire your child."
Watch your child at play and notice what interests her or hold his attention. It could be anything from puzzles to video games. Whatever gift you choose, be sure it's one that emphasizes the child's strengths, not his or her weaknesses or struggles with ADHD.

Wondering about buying gifts for children with Asperger's? Visit YourLittleProfessor.com for a guide to shopping for the Asperger's child.

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