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Australian Students Stealing, Abusing ADHD Meds

An Australian newspaper has reported that high school and university students in that country are stealing ADHD medications from younger siblings because of a mistaken belief that the stolen ADHD meds will help them perform better in school.

According to a May 12 article by Daily Telegraph writers Kate Sikora and Janet Fife-Yeomans, Australian health care experts are warning that the illicit use trend -- which they say originated in the United States -- can pose significant health risks:
The "sporadic phenomenon" is concerning doctors and teachers, who have warned students they are placing themselves in danger. ...

The misuse of ADHD medication comes as the manufacturers of the three longer-lasting methylphenidate drugs, marketed as Concerta, have recently added a "black box" warning of sudden death for adult users.

It warned that stroke and myocardial infarction had been reported in adults taking ADHD drugs.
The misuse of ADHD medications and other prescription drugs has been on the rise in recent years, with many young people needing residential substance abuse treatment in order to escape their dependence upon these dangerous drugs.

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South Australian Gov't Probing Misuse of ADHD Meds

The Substance Abuse Minister of the South Australian government has announced that her department will develop a national paper outlining the misuse of medications designed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
[Jane] Lomax-Smith says about 5,000 young people in South Australia are taking stimulant medications for ADHD. "While in South Australia were not aware of any illicit use of this type ... certainly theres anecdotal information from around the world," she said. (Source: ABC News)
Ms. Lomax-Smith said that she is "fairly sure" that ADHD medication is being misused by young people in South Australia, and her office intends to find out for sure. The misuse of ADHD medications has been identified in many other nations as contributing to the troubling rise in teen abuse of prescription medications.

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Student Sells ADHD Drug, May be Charged with Felony

A 17-year-old Iowa high school student may be charged with a felony for allegedly selling a prescription drug to a schoolmate. The schoolmate's behavior raised concerns, prompting school officials to call the police. The schoolmate later admitted to buying an Adderall pill for $2.
"[The student] reportedly told school officials she is prescribed the drug, but does not like taking it, adding she sold the pill because she knows it is expensive."
The student has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance, but it remains unclear whether she will be charged as an adult or a juvenile. Source: The Hawk Eye (IA)

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