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Low Expectations all too Common

Becky McCall still remembers the cutting comment her son's schoolmate made when they were quizzing each other about science: "You're not supposed to be smarter than me; you're in special ed!" It seems to be a common misnomer that kids with learning disabilities are, by default, not as smart as those without them.
"A great many children with ADHD, dyslexia and Asperger's syndrome (just to name a few learning differences) can be taught to meet grade-level proficiency (or even exceed standards). Because of the unique ways in which these children's brains work, these students may require alternative or additional teaching strategies."
But just because they need unique teaching methods doesn't mean they can't learn or excel as much as their academic counterparts. Parents should prepare for low expectations from teachers and other students, and be ready to advocate for their child - who is just as capable as any other. Source: Reno (NV) Gazette-Journal

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