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First-Grade Failure Linked to Low Self-Esteem in Middle School

Children who experience academically failure as first graders are at risk for depression and lowered self-perceptions five years later, according to a new study from the University of Missouri.

Dr. Keith Herman and his colleagues assessed 474 students in first grade, and followed up with them when they entered middle school. Students who were struggling with math and reading as primary grade students held more negative self-beliefs as middle schoolers, and felt that they had less control over the outcomes in their lives.

Dr. Herman wrote that it is important for every child to feel successful in some area, such as music, athletics, or social skills, because "children's individual differences will always exist in academic skills."

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Author to Speak about ADHD

This week, the regular CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) meeting at Hickory Valley Christian School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will have a special guest speaker. Author Chris Dendy will give a presentation titled "School Daze" that focuses on strategies for success in school.
"Among other elements of her presentation will be executive function of the brain, which has emerged as a key factor influencing school success or failure for students with ADHD. Since teachers may attribute disorganization, forgetfulness and memory problems to laziness or lack of motivation, development of an educational plan to address these deficits is critical."
Ms. Dendy has authored three books, including one that was co-authored by her son, Alex. She has an M.S. from Florida State University and is co-founder and clinical advisor for the Gwinnet, Georgia, chapter of CHADD. Source: The Chattanoogan

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