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ADHD Memoir Published by Youngest-ever Author

Blake Taylor is a freshman at the University of California at Berkley. For the last two years, he's spent summer vacations writing his memoirs about life with ADHD, and the book is finally ready for release.
"Taylor is being considered the youngest American to publish a personal account of his life with ADHD. A determined 18-year-old from Weston, Conn., Taylor says he wants to give readers insight into what it's like day-to-day to have ADHD, and to combat the stereotype that the widespread neuro-developmental disorder is really just an excuse for unruly behavior or the result of bad parenting."
The paperback book follows Taylor on his journey from trouble-making 5-year-old to hard-working, socially active college freshman. It chronicles the trial and error he had to go through to find the right combination of medication, self-imposed organization, and rest. Read more at WebWire.com.

Taylor is proof that children with ADHD can go to college and earn academic and personal success. The Cedars Academy offers a post-secondary program that prepares ADHD students for college and life after high school.

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