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The Creative Energy Behind ADHD

Most parents of children with ADHD want desperately to find a silver lining in the cloud of misbehavior, trouble at school, and relational tension. Adults who had ADHD as children offer some of the best encouragement, especially those who have enjoyed unusual success.
"Ty Pennington [of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition] says the negative messages from school can be overwhelming for a child with ADHD... Ty says his life turned after he started medication in his teens and gained maturity and the freedom to develop his creativity. Now, as a TV host, he gets paid for the kind of behaviors that got him in trouble at school."
Kinko's founder Paul Orfalea also has ADHD and says the struggles he faced as a child helped him endure the criticisms he faced when he wanted to start his own business. What started in a modest storefront grew to 1,200 stores and was acquired in 2004 by FedEx. Source: American Psychological Association

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The Gift of ADHD

Most parents (and kids) wouldn't consider ADHD a gift. But authors Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr. John Ratey and Lara Honos-Webb have written books that label ADHD as exactly that - a gift that carries often unconsidered and untapped assets.
"Chief among the potential assets is creativity. A mind that flits easily from one thought to the next may not be good at mastering the material for a biology test, but the authors contend that a nonlinear mind can excel at combining ideas in new ways. 'While the A students are learning the details of photosynthesis, the ADHD kids are staring out the window and wondering if it still works on a cloudy day,' says Honos-Webb, a psychologist at Santa Clara University."
Such "out of the box" thinking is what drives innovation and creativity; traits found among many artists and CEO's. ADHD can be either a gift or a curse, depending on how it's managed. Read more online.

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