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Swimming Can Help Kids with Attention Disorders

Swimmer Michael Phelps has been at the center of considerable public attention since his record-setting performance during the Beijing Olympics. Part of this publicity has focused on Phelps' struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and how swimming helped him. Now, Nikki Miller, a licensed psychotherapist, gives credence to those claims.
"Of the 12 symptom areas of ADD/ADHD, swimming aids in:... alertness. Have you ever splashed water on your face to wake up? Often, the hyperactivity of a child is an effort to keep the brain 'awake'... In water, there is no need. In fact, hydrostatic pressure and resistance in water slows the world down, and can be quite calming and soothing to someone who always has to be wound up to stay awake."
Swimming can also help with focus, mental activation, processing depth and detail, saliency determinations, self-monitoring, and more, Miller said. Source: The Signal (Santa Clarita, CA)

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