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Study to Examine Ability of Bipolar Disorder Medication to Treat ADHD

Depakote and Risperdal are intended for use in the treatment of bipolar disorder, but doctors have long prescribed them for the most extreme cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children. Now, the National Institute of Mental Health is funding a study to determine which of these medications works best, and at what dose.
"The study... will include about 140 children between 6 and 13 - about a third of them in San Antonio. Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York, which is leading the study, and North Shore-LLC Health System's Feinstein Institute Research in New York are the other two sites."
All three sites are currently seeking families with children who have extreme cases of ADHD, such as explosive bouts of rage, and sudden, unprovoked aggression. All children will first be treated for hyperactivity, and will receive behavioral therapy for their aggression. Source: My San Antonio News

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