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The Teacher Says My Child Has ADHD - Now What?

Your child's teacher calls you one afternoon and says she thinks your child has ADHD. He's disruptive, fidgety, and can't focus, and she thinks you need to get him some help. What do you do?
"ADD or ADHD are terms that have now become generalized to mean children who misbehave. I would like to make it clear that not all children who have ADHD behave badly nor do all children who misbehave have ADHD. There are specific criteria... that must be met in order for a diagnosis of ADHD to be concluded."
Instead of relying only on a doctor's diagnosis, insist on a multidisciplinary approach that includes assessments by a doctor, psychologist, counselor, and possibly someone at your child's school. This type of assessment is more likely to produce an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment (if needed) for your child. Source: The American Chronicle

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