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Mom Starts Awareness Event

Lynda Kovalcheck's son has autism. Because of his disability, even a simple trip to the grocery store can become a major event if something causes a meltdown. The disapproving and judging stares from others are enough to cause Kovalcheck to want to stay at home.
"But Kovalcheck doesn't think her son should have to stay at home just because he's misunderstood. So she came up with a solution: She's made it her mission to make sure more people understand families with disabilities."
She's putting her mission into practice by helping organize a Disability Awareness Night at the Merced Civic Center in Merced, California. The six moms who organized the event have kids with various disabilities, from autism to ADHD. They will share their stories in hopes of raising both awareness and empathy. Source: Merced Sun-Star

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