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Role of Stimulants Limited

Professor Joseph Rey from Sydney University has warned that results of recent studies show that neither doctors nor parents should rely on stimulant medication as the primary means of treating ADHD in children. His comments come in the wake of a US study that found little or no long-term difference between kids with ADHD who were treated with stimulant medication verses those who received behavioral therapy treatment.
"Prof Rey said the results of the US National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) study should change attitudes to ADHD treatment. 'While results of one study rarely justify drastic changes of practice, the findings underscore the complexity of ADHD, show that stimulant drugs are far from being a silver bullet and that there is much we do not yet know,' Prof Rey wrote in the latest Medical Journal of Australia."
Prescribing rates for stimulant drugs have increased nearly ten-fold in the past ten years as ADD and ADHD have become more widely common, but a growing number of doctors and professors are beginning to question medication's long-term benefits. Read more at TheWest.com.au.

Instead of stimulants, what about removing disractions like TV and video games. Stone Mountain School, a therapeutic boarding school for boys, is set in a rustic part of North Carolina that allows boys with ADHD to concentrate on their actions, behaviors, and academics.

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