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Parents of Kids with Disabilities Shut Down Ad Campaign in NY

A controversial public service advertising campaign ended because of objections from parents of children and teens with mental disorders.

The ads, which appeared only in New York City, were supposed to incite parents to have their children evaluated for autism, ADHD and other disorders.

A typical ad looked like a ransom note that read:
"We have your son. We will make sure he will no longer be able to care for himself or interact socially as long as he lives. Autism."
Air N'eman, president of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, wrote, "You have inadvertently reinforced many of the worst stereotypes that have prevented children and adults with disabilities from gaining inclusion, equality and full access to the services and supports they require."

The New York University Child Study Center pulled their ads and apologized to that group and others.
"We meant well," said Dr. Harold Koplewicz of the Child Study Center, "but we unintentionally hurt and offended some people."
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