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Maximize Your ADHD Child's School Performance

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., is a family therapist who, since 1986, has worked with ADHD children and their families. In this Parenting Ideas article, he offers suggestions for helping kids get the most out of their school experiences.
"Get to really know and understand your child's needs at a deeper level. Keep in mind the difference between real 'needs' and things that you 'want.' Real 'needs' would include resources that your child must have in order to function at acceptable levels. Have documentation to back up what you think is a need. Be able to express this information to his school, doctor, etc.
"Dr. Cowan also stresses the importance of asking questions. Most professions have their own 'language' and parents need to push both doctors and educators to explain things in everyday language. Not only will this help parents understand their child's diagnosis better, but it will help parents determine whether the "professionals" they're talking too really know their stuff or not. Read more at ParentingIdeas.org.

Stone Mountain School, a therapeutic boarding school for boys, is set in a rural area of North Carolina which removes common distractions and allows boys struggling with academics and behaviors a chance to learn how to control their emotions while earning school credits.

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