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Sensory Issues Sometimes Misdiagnosed

Children who have sensory issues often seek out more and more stimulation. They won't sit still in class, they're disruptive, talk loudly and chew non-food items.
"The behavior gets many kids mislabeled as having ADHD, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Yoder says. But instead, they are having difficulty regulating the information taken in through their senses. The nervous system either overreacts or underreacts to what's going on around them. At either extreme - craving stimulation or avoiding it - the problem can be a sensory processing disorder that disrupts a child's daily life."
Extremes include craving loud music or other loud noises, a child who's nearly oblivious to his surroundings, or one who's such a picky eater that he gags when he smells food he doesn't like. A child who's displaying these types of behaviors should be evaluated by someone who's qualified to make distinction between ADHD and sensory issues.

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