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Finding Balance with Doctors

Parents and pediatricians have the same goals; to keep children healthy, happy, and on a positive developmental path. But they sometimes have differing ideas of how to achieve those goals. As a parent, how do you get past the roadblock (or avoid it altogether) when a pediatrician's suggested treatment goes against your parental experience or instinct?
"The trick here [Dr. Delia Chiaramonte] says, is to stand firm, even when you know you're annoying the doctor. 'You have to let go of the desire to be the good patient and make everyone like you,' she says. She recommends questioning the doctor thoroughly."
Respect the pediatrician's years of study and practice, but make sure he or she respects your knowledge and experience as a parent as well. When it comes to your child's care, ask all the questions you need to, don't be afraid to questions a diagnosis if a treatment isn't working, and exercise your right to get a second (even a third and fourth) opinion.

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