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Diagnosing and Treating ADHD

Diagnosing ADHD isn't something that a parent or teacher can do by themselves. It takes a team of people to properly evaluate a child's behavior and form a proper diagnosis. Some of the more common characteristics of ADHD are occasionally observed in kids who don't have ADHD, so establishing a patter is important.
"One thing that I have found is that there is a huge division about whether to use medication to treat the disorder (after it has been properly diagnosed) or not. People are completely against or completely for the medication...So speaking as a parent of a hyperactive child, I believe you need to keep an open mind, do lots of research and ask LOTS of questions."

Remember that if you make a decision that doesn't seem to work for your child, you can change your decision. You're not "locked in" for life. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, remember that physical activities can help your child manage the "hyperactive" part of the disorder.

Therapeutic boarding schools, like Stone Mountain School, help boys with ADHD learn to control their behaviors as they earn school credits.

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