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Prognosis Good for Kids Who get Treatment

When it comes to kids and ADHD, reports and studies abound that document increased risks for substance abuse and decreased academic potential. It's enough to make a parent feel like their kid has no chance at a "normal" life. But a study conducted over the summer shows that most ADHD children who are treated - either with medication, behavior therapy or both - improve over time.
"The roles of specific therapies and educational strategies remain unclear... For now, parents should know that treating ADHD, early and with vigor, can make a difference, says Anne Teeter Ellison, a psychologist and president of an advocacy group called Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder..."
Studies have also found that improvement comes as young brains develop and mature. So while there may be a lot of "doom and gloom" reports out there, there are also valid reasons to believe that a child with ADHD can look forward to a bright, productive future.

Residential treatment centers, like the Aspen Institute, can offer parents struggling with difficult children a clear diagnosis and treatment plan.

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