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The Cost of Untreated ADHD

At the outset, not treating someone with ADHD may seem to save money; no paying for expensive medications or therapy treatments. But in the long run, untreated ADHD takes a high toll on a nation - both socially and economically.
"'It's not going to cost now, but in the long run if you don't treat it, then adult ADHD causes lost time from work,' [Rosemary Tannock] said. Tannock said neurodevelopment immaturity leads to academic disengagement and underachievement in toddlers and escalates to low self-esteem in school and an increased chance of risky behavior."
Though symptoms may diminish as someone gets older, ADHD doesn't disappear altogether. Adults who have a genetic disposition for ADHD and also smoke are at an increased risk of having children with ADHD. And if the adults don't learn how to treat their own ADHD, they'll have a harder time finding help for their child.

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