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Tips for Vyvanse

Vyvanse, one of the newest ADHD treatment drugs, has been on the market since July, 2007. To date, the feedback has been excellent. Dr. Charles Parker offers some tips for parents, children and/or patients considering Vyvanse to treat ADHD.
"Always start at the lower dose: 30mg which roughly equals Adderall XR 10mg. They may be on higher doses, even 40 mg of the Adderall XR, but always go low and slow. Its more efficacious [effective], and if you start at 50mg which roughly equals 20mg Adderall XR, it can give them an unpleasant feeling."
Because Vyvanse is a slow-release medication, taking another dose later in the day shouldn't be necessary. Dr. Parker also advises that the body tolerates psych meds better if accompanied by a protein breakfast. Read more at CorePsychBlog.com.

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