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Take Proactive Steps before Medication

Children with attention issues can be frustrating. Psychotherapist Pamela Sorensen readily acknowledges the difficulties that parents of inattentive children face. At the same time, she urges parents to try some "home remedies" before turning to ADHD medication.
"'Every family's routine and rhythm are different,' says Sorensen. 'Some families have bath in the evening, some in the morning. What matters is that it happens in the context of a familiar rhythmic routine of family life.' Sorensen says this predictability relaxes children..."
Sorensen also suggests letting even small children make some basic decisions, like what clothes he'll wear or what he'll have for breakfast. Read more at ReadTheHook.com.

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Anonymous on 9/5/2007
When yu have tried everything you possibly can and you are getting no where medicine is the only way. Everyone I went to has failed me and my child and I have exhausted my funds and opitions. What else can I do? Medication is my only option.