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ADHD Forty Years Ago

Today, much is known about ADHD and a diagnosis can be made with relative ease. But that was not the case forty years ago when this mother of six struggled to understand why her son's behavior was so difficult to manage.
"I could go on with how we handled the situation for the next 11 years. I have lots of stories and methods I used to handle different situations. I think I just want to say that situations are different and the same in so many ways. We have to find our way with whatever tools we have at hand and use our common sense and instinct and then just follow through."
Today, her son has his Masters Degree and National Teaching Certificate and has taught at the same middle school for 17 years. He is "a hard worker, kind, considerate, has a lot of good friends, hobbies and is very stable."

Stone Mountain School, a therapeutic boarding school for boys, is set in a rural area of North Carolina that removes distractions and allows boys to focus on their behaviors and their academics.

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