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Behavioral Management Program Receives Favorable Analysis

"Total Transformation Program" is a behavioral management program for parents of children with ADHD and ODD. The program contains CDs, DVDs and an interactive workbook that help parents understand a child's ADHD or ODD behavior and know better how to respond. The program has just received a favorable review from the Director of the National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD, Dr. Patricia O. Quinn, MD.
"Dr. Quinn concluded, 'Given the limited time available to clinicians to interact with patients and their parents, how can professionals teach parents to more effectively deal with their children with ADHD and ODD/CD and provide these services in a way that is both cost and time effective? An 'at home' training program like the Total Transformation Program seems ideal.'"
Most parents of children with ADHD or ODD often feel they have to "go it alone", or seek expensive mental health support. The Total Transformation Program offers those parents a viable alternative.

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Posted By: Aspen Education Group