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Second-hand Smoked Linked to ADHD

A recent study by the University of Washington found that exposure to second-hand smoke increases a pregnant woman's risk for having a child with ADHD or conduct disorder. A total of 171 children participated in the study and were divided into three groups: children whose mothers smoked, children whose mothers were exposed to second-hand smoke, and children whose mothers were in a smoke-free environment during the final two trimesters of pregnancy.
"The UW researchers found that those children whose mothers had been exposed to tobacco smoke either by smoking or by being around smokers when they were pregnant had more symptoms of ADHD and conduct disorder..."
It's believed that nicotine is the compound which affects brain development during the last two trimesters and is the cause of ADHD and conduct disorder. Read more at News-Medical.net.

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If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this could indicate a serious behavioral problem: conduct disorder. Learn more about conduct disorder from the factsheet that explains what conduct disorder is and how you can help your child.

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