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Does ADHD Medication Predispose Kids to Substance Abuse?

Many parents and doctors have long worried about the effects ADHD medication may have adolescents. The fear is that ADHD medication may cause teens to be predisposed to future drug abuse.
"The answer may depend on the age at which ADHD treatment is started and how long it lasts, say the authors of a new brain-imaging and behavioral study conducted in animals..."
One of the stimulants used in ADHD medication, methylphenidate, influences the brain's reward pathways and was the focus of the study. The study used rats, which were given doses of methylphenidate once a month for eight months. At the end of eight months, brain scans revealed an increase in the number of dopamine receptors, which are associated with pleasure and with drug abuse. Read more at EmaxHealth.com.

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beth on 7/19/2007
Teens sometimes abuse drugs like Ritalin and Adderall prescribed for ADD/ADHD. If your teen is abusing prescription ADD medication or any other drug, go to teen-drug-help.com for resources and information about how to get help.