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Do ADHD Medications Help Teens Improve Driving?

A research team from the University of Virginia has launched a study aimed at determining if ADHD medications actually make teenagers with ADHD better drivers. Though lab studies have been conducted in the past, this team wants to study driving performance in "real life" situations.
"'In controlled laboratory studies, there are no cell phones, no pressures to get home before curfew, no passengers encouraging the driver to 'get air', no pets that slip from the driver's lap down to the pedals and no hamburger dripping with mustard in the driver's right hand,' said [Daniel] Cox [Ph.D]. 'This, however, is real world driving. We want to investigate the benefits of medications in the context of such real world distractions and demands.'"
The study will last for 6-months and will include "DriveCams" that will be mounted in cars to record audio-visual signals. Read more at ScienceDaily.com.

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