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Children Prescribed Strattera® More Likely to Change Therapies

Prime Therapeutics, a pharmacy benefit manager, recently conducted a study on the medication Strattera® to determine its effectiveness in treating ADHD in children. It found that children who are prescribed Strattera® in the initial stage of treatment are over 4 times more likely to switch to a different kind of medication than a child who's prescribed a stimulant.
"'We believe that children who start on Strattera® are more likely to change therapies because they are experiencing side effects or the drug is not working effectively,' said Patrick Gleason, PhD, Director of Pharmacy and Medical Integration at Prime. 'Because stimulants have been around longer and are available in generic forms, physicians and medical care providers have a lot more experience with them."
In addition, Strattera® has some unique safety concerns which, when combined with the lower effectiveness, may mean that stimulants are a better choice. Read more PRNewswire.com.

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