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"Godfather" of ADHD Diagnoses Voices Concern

Twenty-five years ago, when other doctors were calling rowdy, uncontrollable children "brats", Dr. Robert Spitzer developed a different classification - ADHD. His ground-breaking classification table gave doctors the tool they needed to more accurately diagnose ADD and ADHD. Now, more than two decades later, Dr. Spitzer's opinion has taken an unexpected turn.
"He says 30 percent of children diagnosed with a mental disorder don't actually have it and are instead showing perfectly normal signs of being happy or sad. 'Many of these conditions might be normal reactions which are not really disorders.' Dr. Spitzer said."
While he's not dismissing his revolutionary classification table altogether, he is urging caution - for parents and doctors alike - when diagnosing ADD or ADHD in children. For some, behavioral therapy may be more beneficial than medication. Read more at News.com.

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