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Girls with ADHD Have More Problems in Adolescence

The Washington Post reports that a long-term study of girls diagnosed with ADHD has found they are at greater risk for substance abuse, emotional problems and academic difficulties in adolescence than their peers who don't have ADHD. Because girls with ADHD tend to be less disruptive than their male counterparts, they are often under-diagnosed and overlooked. The lead author of the study, psychologist Stephen P. Hinshaw, called the results "surprising and discouraging." He went on to say, "the cumulative picture is that girls with ADHD are at risk for a lot of problems." In addition to a widening gap in academic abilities, girls with ADHD were also more likely to experience depression, mood or anxiety disorders, and problems with substance abuse. Read more online.

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ADHD or Depression?

The Washington Post reports that experts say the symptoms of ADD/ADHD and depression can be so similar in girls, especially because the two diagnosis can coexist and because there are no surefire tests for either condition. They say that getting the correct diagnosis is critical so that the child gets the proper treatment. Read more online to find out the differences between ADHD and depression in adolescent girls.

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Is It Auditory Processing Disorder or ADHD?

Good Morning Jacksonville anchor Patricia Crosby recently reported about a learning delay, Auditory Processing Disorder, which can be confused with ADHD in children because the symptoms of APD are similar. But, the treatments can be different and the correct treatment requires the correct diagnosis. Visit their website to watch a video report about the similarities and differences between Auditory Processing Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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