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Improving School Performance

It's that time of year. Mid-term school grades will be out soon, if they're not out already. For students with ADHD, and their parents, this can be a stressful and frustrating time. The Detroit Free Press gathered together a small group of experts to get some advice on making school, and homework, easier for kids with ADHD.
"...set regular learning times when a child must read, write or think, regardless of whether they have homework or a test. 'If they say they have no homework, [says Bob Sornson] say "That's great. That gives you time to read or write."'"
The panel also suggests that parents learn more about ADHD. The more they understand, the more patient they'll be with their kids, and it may help them come up with some creative solutions on their own. Learn more from FortWayne.com.

Posted By: Lori S