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Coping in the Workplace

An estimated 4% of adults are affected by ADD/ADHD. Learning to cope, and be productive, in the workplace is a difficult challenge. Adults with ADD/ADHD are often so focused on the struggles caused by their diagnosis that they don't recognize their natural talents, which leaves them feeling depressed and lacking the ability to succeed.
"Even though [Alan] Currie...had a natural gift for sales, he had told himself that all his 'deals were bluebirds'...lucky breaks. So, in 2001, when he landed his big software-sales job, where he had the potential to more than double his income, he knew it was time to control a condition which had been controlling him."
Using technology, medicine, and a personal coach, Currie not only double his salary in his first year at his new job, but he was named rookie of the year. Read more online.

Posted By: Lori S