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First Long-term Study on Ritalin and Preschoolers

The first long-term study of Ritalin's effects on preschoolers has been completed, and the results are mixed. While some children showed signs of improvement, nearly 40% developed side effects. Another 11% dropped out of the study because of problems like irritability and weight loss.
"Preschoolers on...generic Ritalin grew about half an inch less and gained about 2 pounds less than expected during the 70-week study."
Though the study began with 300 children, many families dropped out after seeing significant improvement during the behavior treatment phase. Others simply didn't want to put their children on drugs. Many critics of the study fear it's just a way for pharmaceutical companies to broaden their market share, and have urged parents to proceed with caution. Read more online.

Posted By: Lori S


Ritalin Prescription Information on 12/7/2008
My name is Nikki Hughes and i would like to show you my personal experience with Ritalin.

I am 51 years old. Have been on Ritalin for 9 years now. I began taking it for depression after my marriage ended, and also in a misguided attempt to lose weight! I lost about 15 pounds at the beginning, had tons of energy, felt great...but the weight loss stopped within a few months.. I currently feel focused and motivated after I take it and am able to get a lot done. As well as the generic ritalin, I take 6 - 12 Tylenol 1 tablets a day. I know how bad this is, but can't seem to stop for more than a few days. The last nine years seem to be a blur...it's like I have lost those years....I hardly remember anything about them. I find this sad and frightening. I take what my doctor prescribed: three 10mg. tablets a day. I have tried many times to completely get off this drug but I now realize that I am truly addicted to it. If I stop taking it for more than one day I become extremely depressed and have very negative, hopeless thoughts and ideas.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
very irritable when it wears off; sometimes difficult to fall asleep, memory loss, hear music in my head that won't stop.

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Nikki Hughes