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ADHD Resources for Parents

ADD Boarding Schools - ADHD Programs - ADHD Treatment

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Mental Health Information

National Institute of Mental Health (NIH): Government clearinghouse for information on ADHD

NIMH Research

CHADD: Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder; nonprofit organization.

Related Resources

Your Little Professor: a friendly and helpful site if you are a parent of a child or teen with Asperger's Syndrome.

Mood Disorders: discusses depression and bipolar disorder in teens

Adolescent Substance Abuse: symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse may mimic ADHD

4 Troubled Teens: Issues parents face with adolescents struggling with behavior

Teen Boarding Schools: Information on boarding schools that specialize in teens with behavioral, emotional, or learning issues with articles on your rights as a parent to the best education for your child.

Stone Mountain Boarding School: boarding school that specializes in boys with ADHD. Also has short-term summer programs: Talisman Summer Camps

Alternative Summer Camps: Camps that specialize in children and teens with ADHD, behavioral and emotional issues, or learning differences. Many of the camps operate year-round. Short and long-term programs.

Boot Camps Info: Information on what boot camps are and alternatives that are available for children and teens with special issues such as ADHD

Teen Help Directory : Information on resources for parents of troubled teens; extensive directory of links.

Boarding Schools Info: one of the largest directory of boarding schools throughout the United States, including schools that specialize in ADD.

Providing parents with ADHD information, ADD boarding schools, and ADHD treatment information for children.

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