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Information focused on ADHD (ADD, AD/HD) in adults.

  • ADD Doctor

    ADDDoctor.com is dedicated to adults and young adults who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The Attention Deficit Disorder Center located in Yarmouth, Maine provides ADHD screening, individual coaching, and psychotherapy for individuals and couples. The Center also offers the ADD Boot Camp program, a cost-effective highly intensive small group training program for adults. These instructional and interactive groups meet weekly via telephone for eight consecutive weeks. We additionally provide Individual Coaching via telephone with clients across the country and internationally.

  • ADHD and Rutgers Students

    Tips for College Students Managing ADHD: Succeeding in College with Attention Deficit Disorders.

  • ADHD in Adults

    ADHDinadults.com provides information for adults diagnosed withADHD (ADD, AD/HD) and includes sections on ADHD in college, the workplaceand relationships.

  • Adult ADHD: Evaluation and Treatment

    The American Family Physician section of the American Academy of Family Physicians offers information on Adult ADHD (ADD, AD/HD) evaluation and treatment in family medical practices.

  • Chronic Lateness - Poor Time Management Skills

    To be able to manage time effectively requires the skills of organization, planning and follow through. All of these skills are difficult and frustrating for adults and children with ADD/ADHD. Improving your time management skills takes hard work and commitment. For many years you may have been used to no or little time management skills, and now, making a major change to create a scheduling system will require changing your thought processes and conditioning.

  • oneADDplace.com

    oneADDplace.com is an on-line resource for ADD/ ADHD in children and adults. Learn the ADD and ADHD symptoms and how to test for them and discover the latest natural treatments and pharmaceutical medications and medicines.

  • WebMD: ADHD in Adults

    WebMDsection thatfocuses on ADHD in adults and discusses diagnosis, impairments and treatments for adults living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.