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Adderall is a stimulant medication that is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine and is commonly used in the treatment of ADHD and/or narcolepsy.

  • Adderall XR sales to resume in Canada

    Forbes.com article Shire gets approval to resume Adderall XR sales in Canada.

  • Adderall.com

    Official website from Shire US, Inc., the makers of Adderall. Adderall is adrug that has been approved by the FDA to treat ADHD.

  • Blame Canada - Don't Flush Your Adderall XR

    Written by a Connecticut pediatrition, this article discusses the recent Canadian banning of the drug Adderall, used to treat ADHD.

  • Out of Control: A Controversial Drug

    CBS News /48 Hours report on one woman's experience with Adderall, a drug approved by the FDA to treat ADHD. Dawn Branson lost her only child when the car she was driving was involved in a head-on collision. Branson blames Adderall for her psychosis that day.

  • Public Health Advisory on the ADHD drug Adderall

    FDA Advisory about the ADHD drug Adderall regarding Canada's suspension of the sale of the drug due to sudden deaths in pediatric patients. February 2005.

  • The Adderall Me: My Romance with ADHD Meds

    The Adderall Me: My Romance with ADHD Meds, written by Joshua Foer is a humorous account of one journalist's experimentation with Adderall, a drug used to treated ADHD.

  • WebMD: Adderall

    WebMDHealth's Drug Fact Sheet for Adderall, a drug used to treated ADHD.Fact Sheetprovides informationon Adderall's usage, side effects and drug interactions.