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Specialized boarding schools with expertise in educating students with ADHD.

  • New Leaf Academy Boarding Schools for Girls

    The New Leaf Academy private girls schools offer a carefully crafted program that pairs individualized counseling with education, allowing students to experience change and growth. Girls with ADD/HD learn to re-examine and rethink their perceptions of their world, as they recognize and appreciate the opportunities that life offers. A typical New Leaf Academy student spends between 18 to 21 months in the Academy's year-round, highly structured college preparatory system of classes, study, self-development and recreation.

  • Stone Mountain Boarding School for Boys with ADHD

    Stone Mountain boarding school for boys ages 11-16 is a long-term residential school in an outdoor environment. The rustic wilderness of North Carolina serves as an excellent teaching tool for boys with ADHD / ADD through direct experience. Parents whose sons have attended Stone Mountain School report that their children get along better at home and school and have a more positive outlook on life.

  • Aspen Ranch

    Aspen Ranch is an alternative school for troubled teens that uses a collaborative learning environment, where meaning is more important than memorization. One of the strongest characteristics of the school is its ability to work with students previously thought unreachable or unable to learn. Students who gave up studying or skipped classes or simply did not care about academics in their other schools can be found at Aspen Ranch striving to learn, interested in catching up on their schoolwork, and graduating. Aspen Ranch's boarding school for children with ADD or ADHD offers students an enviroment with very few distractions, such as TV, music, parties. Teenagers benefit from a supportive structure and therapeutic activities to experience success, and rediscover a sense of self worth.

  • Glenholme School

    The Glenholme School is a boarding school for children ages 8 to 18 with special needs located in the Connecticut countryside. The student who is not doing well in the traditional public or private school can find success in a boarding school like Glenholme.ADD, ADHD and other learning disabilities are addressed within Glenholme's highly structured program.

  • NorthStar Center

    NorthStar is an educational and therapeutic environment for young adults that reignites a passion for learning and success. NorthStar's aftercare program is designed to continue the therapeutic process to ensure teenagers and young adults grow into successful, healthy and active adults. The NorthStar program opens doors to new opportunities and a life of health, balance and recovery for teens struggling with ADD or ADHD and other learning disabilities.

  • Oak Creek Ranch School

    Oak Creek Ranch School, located near scenic Sedona, Arizona, is a private ADHD school for grades 6-12 offering residential and summer school programs. In this private boarding school setting, students with ADHD can be encouraged to achieve in an educational environment that emphasizes individual attention, self esteem, and personal responsibility.

  • Schools for Boys

    Recent studies into learning styles have revealed that boys and girls learn very differently. Boys use more of their brains for spatial-mechanical functioning, which not only means that they enjoy moving things around but also that they learn better when they're able to do so. Boys also compartmentalize learning, which means that it's harder for them to switch from one subject to another. And, boys have less serotonin in their brains, so they're more likely to act impulsively and be less able to sit still for long periods of time.

  • Teen Boarding Schools

    Information on specialty and therapeutic boarding schools and other programs that specialize in education kids and teens with ADHD and related learning differences. Includes information on wilderness therapy programs, which offer"green time" adventures for children with ADHD.

  • The Hunter School, NH

    Located in New Hampshire, The Hunter School is a private day and boarding school for children with Attention Deficit Hyper activity Disorder (ADHD) and/or related conditions.

  • The Vanguard School

    Located in Central Florida, The Vanguard School program is designed for students in grades 5-12 who are experiencing academic difficulties due to a learning disability, including ADHD.

  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools

    Therapeutic boarding schools combine the traditions and academics of regular boarding schools with intense therapeutic interventions to help troubled teenagers. The average stay is usually a full school year. Scientific outcome studies of these schools indicate that most students maintain or continue to improve on a long-term basis after they leave their programs.

  • YouthCare

    Youth Care offers a continuum of care for adolescents ages 11-18 who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems including ADD/ADHD. Youth Care's academic program is designed to meet students individual needs and their certified teachers are trained to work with students with learning difficulties and/or behavioral difficulties.